The Truth About Base Lubricants
Mineral vs. Synthetic vs. Semi-synthetic

Ask any connoisseur of diesel engines if all engines are the same and prepare for a long conversation ...

Most owners, maintenance managers or fleet managers, when they start discussing which engine oil is best for maintaining and protecting their engines, have different, divergent views, and this always leads to long, endless discussions. It would therefore be logical if someone says there are significant differences between the oils that are currently available on the market.

In doubt or the question "are oils suitable for long and long-term use, for lubrication and protection of engines" is still unanswered, and the choice of the right motor oil, knowing the differences between them, causes a great headache.

You want to protect your expensive equipment, your investment, but you can not afford to make mistakes that cost you dearly.

Another issue that is still being asked is often "are best synthetic oil better than mineral oils?".

And "how are semi-synthetic oils behaved" compared to the other two?

The first "challenge" is to ask yourself "why were synthetic oils created?"

Automobile fleets "required" long replacement intervals, with the best wear protection that would not affect the life of the engine. Conventional lubricants have not been able to deliver the required ones - and so have Synthetic.
Since oil shifts at long intervals have been achieved safely, then lubricant manufacturers are delivering less oil. If you have a decrease in the demand for oil, then you should probably be looking for higher prices for your product. Synthetic oils offer the possibility of something like this, thus not losing the already existing "income." Are there any disadvantages of synthetic oils? Are there problems? Whether mineral oils have advantages over synthetic ones? Finally, are all mineral oils the same to each other? Very good questions that, however, need answers.
In theory, synthetic oils should be significantly better than mineral ones. Note:

One of the largest manufacturers of motor oil recently said that "synthetic oils should not be used on engines for longer periods of time. A synthetic oil should be changed for the same amount of time as mineral oil. The reason is that the packs of additives used are the same and they wear out for the same period of time. "
In fact, what the above sentence says is that the performance of synthetic oil "lies" behind the inability of base oil to "hold" the equilibrium additive package for a long period of time. Motor oil additives are extremely important for their work, with too many parameters, such as engine cleaners, suspension additives, suspension additives, corrosion inhibitors, and many others.

Magic with herbs

Herbs help health, but can also protect against negative energy

We all know how useful herbs are. You know about teas, potions, seasoning, and you can make a bunch of useful natural creams.

But do you know they can also help spoil magic ?

See how:

Protects not only spells and psychic attacks but also spirits. It uses everything from it.

White yarrow
With this herb you can triple the spell of your words, but if you do it for good - that is, with the consent of the person or if you call for yourself. If you want to spoil magic, it works if you use the leaves and the colors.

The native tradition is called " Haydushko Bile ". The protectors of the poor during the Ottoman slavery imposed their wounds with him.

Gone spirits, spoils spells and above all protects against negative energies and psyche, and the body. Put his dried leaves and roots.

The Sceptule leaves have an extraordinary power and serve as a defense against magical intrusions. Beware, however, the plant is poisonous and it is better not to do experiments alone! It is used in pharmacy but it is a protected species and its harvesting is prohibited!

It has powerful action against malicious influences and a psychic attack. Leaves and stems are used.

The herb associated with Archangel Michael treats a number of female diseases. However, her handles and leaves can also serve you otherwise: If you make tea from her, you will keep your youthful life a long time without expensive cosmetics. They act against negative influences, witchcraft and keep away the evil forces. If you do not bathe with a decoction of it, nothing prevents you from looking at it in a pot and keeping it at home!

Nettle is famous for magical properties not only in children's tales. Use everything from it, even the seeds in your decoction. It acts in a psychological attack. If you burn the leaves in the embers, you will expel the evil forces from your home.

In the Bulgarian folk medicine he treats a bunch of unrelated diseases such as rheumatism, dizziness, epilepsy, hysteria, shortness of breath, water lily, hives, diabetes mellitus.

Herbal musk for protection
Take the seven herbs that keep from spells . Put them in a bowl, stir them with your fingers while you call: "Seven herbs of strength, seven herbs of power, keep me in the night. Seven herbs of magic, seven herbs of good, protect me from all evil. Keep my life and my blood. "